With the launch of Ten Ton  Hammer's href="http://forums.tentonhammer.com/showthread.php?t=24948"
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have been overflowing with questions that Age of Conan fans want
answered. Jason "Athelan" Stone has stepped up as Funcom representative
to answer those very questions. For those of you who like just the meat
and potatoes, we have compiled a list of this week's questions and

Athelan kept up the posting marathon, answering 18 more questions this
week. Here they are in summary:

target="_blank">Exilium asks style="font-weight: bold;">: "Are there alternate routes for
advancement to enhance the adventurer,
besides the Border Kindom and said raids? If there is nothing of that
nature in the current version of the game, are there plans to implement
one a year to a year and 6months after launch?"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "In general
if you use realm points in DAOC, AA in Everquest, Honor in
WoW etc they are essentially the same thing as additional levels to the
game just in another flavor. We wanted to focus the initial launch on
community oriented features and mechanics which we feel are the most
important aspect to making "end game" game-play enjoyable. We did have
a system for continuing advancement but put it on hold for the time

target="_blank">boomshank asks: "How are you going
to prevent people underage from subscribing to the game?"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "There is
no way for us to police people's "true" age as long as they
have access to a credit card of someone over the age of 18 and a copy
of the game. It's too easy for people to fake who they are or to simply
give someone else their account."

target="_blank">wujenfist asks: "My question is
when an item has been crafted is there or will there be
an opportunity to upgrade an already crated item to either do more dmg
or be stronger than its current state? style="font-weight: bold;">"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "Crafted
items are customizable via sockets, so you could in theory
upgrade the stats of a weapon, but the base weapon will not change."

target="_blank">Zakas asks: "Has Funcom made any
improvements to patching processes to minimize
server downtimes? Will the servers be all brought down at once: either
globally, Internationally by Zone (ie North America, Europe), or will
they be upgraded on a smaller scale (server by server?). style="font-weight: bold;">"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "Most
extended downtimes are due to hardware or issues with a patch as
it is pushed live. As this is unpredictable we can only do our best to
pretest content and patching to make sure the live patches go as smooth
as possible. I am guessing that servers will be brought down at certain
times respective to their time zones to minimize player impact.."

target="_blank">Erinnje asks style="font-weight: bold;">: "Is the Amazon Curved Bow(from
amazon.com) only avaliable to the USA or
are there any plans for europe. What Stats/how powerfull can i expect
this bow to have/be?"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "The bow
will be one of the best bows in the game for a part of the game
but as you level it will slowly become more normal and eventually be
replaced by higher level equipment.

EU Preorder deals are something that we do not have information and
partners for that I am aware of."

target="_blank">diavolos asks: "I was wondering in
what form the 3-days headstart some shops offer will
be. I mean, we will be able to download the game 3 days earlier or the
shop will ship the game 3 days earlier? style="font-weight: bold;">"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "You will
be able to download and patch prior to the three day headstart
then when the headstart goes live your account will be able to login."

target="_blank">Arda asks: "Will there be player
made addons, if so what script language will it be
in and how much freedom will players have to create their own addons.?"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "There is
no support for player made addons. Opening up for player
addon's opens up the code and game to exploitation and hacking security
wise in a very big way. We decided to put all the hooks we could into
the interface and allow full re-skinning in XML but no open language
for the players to create their own modules.."

asks: "Will guilds be able to hire themselvs out as mercs
with the built in system?"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "Mercenary
contracts are per individual not per guild. You cannot force your
entire guild into a mercenary contract."

target="_blank">waku asks: "Please say that Dark
Templars can spellweave. Just respond, "Why yes they can", and I will
be very happy?"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "No for the
same reasons Bear Shamans do not."

target="_blank">Naug asks: "I've heard that when
you start a combo you must be standing still for a
while. Is this true? If this is the case, this shouldn't be much of a
problem in PvE but it would be truly devastating for melee classes in
PvP. Is it possible for you to elucidate this matter? style="font-weight: bold;">"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "You can
trigger a combo and perform the trigger moves while moving,
when the combo itself is being completed you must stop or you will
interrupt it."

target="_blank">ILikePonies asks: "Can you confirm
I've got the instancing setup for Conan correct (just
to be sure we're talking the same language, by instancing I mean merely
making a copy of a zone for any reason [for instance I'd call DDO
completely instanced, even the city zones], and not just limited to

Outdoors - not instanced
style="font-weight: bold;">
Cities - not instanced (?)
style="font-weight: bold;">
BKs - not instanced, no
player cap (?)

City building interiors -
instanced (?)

PvE cities - instanced
style="font-weight: bold;">
Tortage nighttime -

PvP minigames - instanced
style="font-weight: bold;">
Some (all?) dungeons -
instanced (some have caps of 100 players)

style="font-weight: bold;">
Anything else I'm missing? style="font-weight: bold;">"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "Your
summation is generally accurate. We do not instantiate Outdoor
area's etc as much as possible, but we do some quest areas, dungeons,
PvP mini game areas, and resource and building playfields (PvE player

target="_blank">Exilium asks: "Some times its the
little things that can get under a players skin.
Having to buy water one at a time, not having a repair all button,
having to retype a player's name in the mail box for all 20 items you
are sending them, and not having an officer chat built into a guild's
chat (difference between /gu and /o).

style="font-weight: bold;">

So are the little things
like the one's mentioned above, and maybe some that I'm forgetting,
already in AoC?"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "The little
things that bug people vary person to person so pre-planning
for the little things is a bit of a waste when you have big things to
worry about. This is what the live development of an MMO is there for
to react to issues, and continue to evolve the game."

target="_blank">diavolos asks: "No shop (at least
that i can buy from) has both mounts in a single copy
of the game. My question is, if i will be able to enter a code for
rhino and a code for mammoth from separate copies to a single account
so i can have both mounts, even by buying two copies of the game? style="font-weight: bold;">"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "Yes you
could use both pre-order codes on a single account as far as I am aware


target="_blank">Drayen asks: "Will the merc system
have any type of compensation for the merc's themselves? ie money or
extra experience etc etc."

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "It is
intended to be a monetary contract between the guild hiring the
mercenaries and the mercs themselves with a rating system also so you
can gain renown for fighting as a merc."

target="_blank">Papagenu asks: "When you make a
weapon, will you be able to name it? Like if you made a
(going out on a limb here) level 3 bronze sword, would it be called
"Level 3 Bronze Sword"? Or could you name it? What about when you gem a

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "Currently
you cannot name the items that you craft. This is due to the
ability to exploit by naming items after other items, or using other
names that might violate terms of service."

target="_blank">Beefheart asks: "I pre-ordered and
just want to know if i need to pester gamestop
everyday, or just check in with the official AoC website the 17th and
put in some kind of code?"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "You will
receive a key you use to create your account and download the
client prior to the 3 day headstart. Then the servers will be turned
live for you to login 3 days in advance."

target="_blank">nicholaitabor asks: "Will there be
a list available to everybody with mercenaries for hire? style="font-weight: bold;">"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "I think it
works the other way. You post a contract then people can
apply. Rather than you looking for "looking for job" mercenaries."

target="_blank">Khalathwyr asks: "What is a Hub
exactly? Does it include the resource harvesting playfields or is it
just the confines of the NPC capital cities? style="font-weight: bold;">"

style="font-weight: bold;">Athelan: "Hubs are
the three main cities, one in each country."

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