Assault on Balaurea, the next chapter in epic war between Aion's Asmodian, Elyos, and Balaur races, goes live next month. Among the full list of content and features this expansion brings to the game, the pet system gives players one more way to enjoy their time in Atreia.

We wanted to learn more about the pet system so Ten Ton Hammer talked with Aion Associate Producer Sean Neil to find out about these fun little creatures and why players will want one of these for their very own.

There will also be fortune pets, previously referred to as production pets. What these guys do is when they are really hungry, you feed them junk items and when they are all full up they will give you a little present that will range from little packs of potions to green or blue items, manastones, or enchantment stones. They have a huge variety of different items they will give you and they are random little packs that you will receive.

Read more about what kind of pets will be available, how they will work, and how you can get your hands on one in our Assault on Balaurea interview. We also have images available of these little creatures, so be sure to stop on by that image gallery to have a look.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016