Bettering Biomeks
As we go through and quality check all our content and guides, we realised that we needed to bring the Biomek section up to speed, so we gave it an informational, organizational, and aesthetic rennovation. Basically this means better info and better looks!

Hundreds of years passed with conflict. No one knows what happened that one day, but whatever it was it nearly destroyed the Biomeks. When the dust settled, the hearty Biomechanical Raiders were still alive. Shrugging away the assault the “pure” Humans launched at the world they began to continue what they were created for. War against the Mutants. In the current time, the Biomeks live out life attempting to gain peace in the world. That peace is when they convert everything into a Biomek.

The Biomek Racial Section, now updated for your data consumption needs! Look forward to yet more updates coming soon at Auto Assault Ten Ton Hammer

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016