If you have opened up the Blizzard launcher or anything else Blizzard related in the last few months, you know all about the Horde and Alliance bike competition. Known as Azeroth Choppers and airing on TV, two teams of bike experts came together to create the coolest bikes they could to represent each faction. In this competition, the Horde bike managed to come out on top.

This of course meant that the Horde bike would be placed in game, free for all Horde players to own. However, Alliance players loved their bike too and were not pleased that they would have no chance at owning it. It was not long until Blizzard made the announcement that the Alliance Chopper would be also making an appearance in the game, allowing Alliance players to own this awesome looking mount. Alliance players are thrilled, but some are not as pleased with this development.

All is Fair in Love and War?

At the start of Azeroth Choppers, fans were told that the two teams would design two separate bikes and only one would ultimately make it into the game. This was the appeal of the competition, our reason for watching. As the bikes were developed and the period of voting got closer, many were on the edge of their seats, hoping their bike would come out the winner. This was a fresh spark in the ongoing battle between Alliance in Horde.

In the end, the Horde chopper prevailed and Horde fans rejoiced that they would be getting an exclusive new mount to add to their collection. Never mind that you had to log on during a certain period to get it, it was worth it to players into mounts. Not to mention that this mount was especially exciting, considering that Alliance could never have it, nor would they be getting their own mount in game. At least that is what we all thought.

In a twist of events, Blizzard decided to take away from the spirit of the competition and add the Alliance chopper to the game. This left many fans, myself included, wondering what the purpose of the competition was at all. If both sides were ultimately going to get mounts, why hold a competition at all? How was it fair that even though their mount had lost, the Alliance would still be able to obtain it in the game?

From a Mile Away

Even though I fully agree that the competition of Azeroth Choppers was a total sham, looking back, I also think we should have seen this coming. Despite the claims of some, Blizzard seems to attempt to be fair when it comes to the factions. While one faction may seem to be on top, that is usually quickly reversed. This push for fairness is the reason Horde has Paladins and Alliance has Shamans, despite the lack of back story support.

This and a slew of other moves have made it pretty clear over the years that Blizzard has no regard for story, competition, or the way things should work, as long as things appear to be equal. It is because of this that the Alliance chopper was always, without a doubt, going to be put into the game. Kil'jaeden forbid that we have a faction with hurt feelings, even if things were done totally fair and square.

A Mount...for a Price

Despite the unfairness of the situation, players can take some solace that only the Horde mount is totally free. Appearing in game sometime after the launch of Warlords of Draenor, Alliance players will have to dish out a hefty price to own the Alliance version of the chopper. In fact, according to Blizzard, players who want this mount will have to start saving now to be able to purchase it.

While this piece of information helps, the addition of the Alliance chopper still rankles with many. While seemingly a small issue, it is a disappointment to know that we can't even have a friendly competition. Part of the interest of competition is having winners and losers, something that is apparently not possible when it comes to World of Warcraft or the Alliance and Horde. It feels almost like a preschool, where everyone needs to get a trophy, just for showing up and breathing.

I understand the addition of the Alliance chopper, however, I think it makes things far less interesting. What fun are things if everyone always wins? How do you feel about both mounts being added into the game? Do you think only the Horde chopper should have been added? Why or why not? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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