Draenei Starting Area Guide

Azuremyst Isle

by Amber "Aurael" Weldon

The Draenei are refugees from the shattered world of Outland. The

Burning Crusade has wreaked devestation on the world and the Draenei

took to flight through the Twisting Nether in search of Azeroth, the world in

which the Alliance stood up against and subdued the efforts of the orcs

under the influence of the Burning Legion.

Draenei Female

The starting area of the draenei is the mystic Azuremyst Isle, located

in the Veiled Sea to the Southwest of Teldrassil. Shipwrecked, the

Draenei are busy studying the region they have found themselves in and

tending to the survivors of the crash. As an able-bodied survivor, you are

expected to help in the relief efforts. The crash has had a devestating

effect on the islands and their inhabitants. Wreckage, crystals, mutated

animals are present in every direction. Your first quests involve healing

survivors (using the racial ability Gift of the Naaru which is a healing spell

that gains strength as you gain levels), killing giant mutated flowers and

moths and gathering materials to heal survivors. All the quests are geared

toward recovering from the crash.

Draenei Mourner

All of the beginning quests are centered around the Crash Site. This

is where you're beginning trainers are located. Draenei can be warriors,

paladins, hunters, priests, shamans, and mages.

The last quest in Ammen Vale (the area surrounding the crash site)

repairs a hologram machine which allows contact with the survivors

situated at Azure Watch. Naturally, you're to go meet up with them, and

the next (and bigger) quest hub is revealed.

On the way to Azure Watch is a fun little quest which involves

catching red snapper with a fishing net. However, the familiar

mrghlmrghlmrghl will be present as sometimes a murloc will appear to

prevent your catch.

Azure Watch is in the center of the draenei starting area. It is

complete with an inn and innkeeper, mailbox, and many trainers. All of

the skill trainers for the draenei classes are there along with the

alchemist, miner, herbalist and first aid trainers.

There's also a lot of work to be done here in the way of stocking food

supplies and such. The hunter trainer sends you on quests to get meat

and hides from the beautiful white-blue Moongraze stags and buck that

wander the forest around Azure Watch. They die as elegantly and

gracefully as they live though.

Mutated plant...or animal

The inhabitants of Azure Watch have come across an injured night elf,

but do not know who or what she is. Even the draenei youngling that

wander the forest wonder about her and mutter "I wonder what that little

purple creature at the village is...It's certainly beautiful." The draenei are

trying to nurse her back to health, and a few of the first quests there

involve gathering materials for medicine for her. When she does wake,

she is frightened by the "eredar" and falls back into a coma.

Eventually you are sent to find her people to south and you come

across Odesyus' Landing (one of a few Iliad/Odyssey references in this

area). True to WoW's nature, the landing is another quest hub. Here you

can find the blacksmith, cooking, tailor, and engineer trainers. They send

you on quests to find the traitor among them (by becoming one with the

forest) as well as exploring an ancient night elf ruin.

Some maps for your viewing pleasure

The Exodar must be mentioned, as it is the capital "city" of the

Draenei. The city is composed entirely of crystal and light. It's a bit

difficult to navigate through at first, because every part of the city looks the

same. There's a beautiful Vault of Lights full of holograms and a crystal

(or perhaps glass?) walkway that leads to the back exit of the city (and to

the dock for the boat to Auberdine).

There's quite a lot to do when it comes to exploring the many quests

of Azuremyst Isle. A few things that you are able to do in the draenei

starting quests that have not been mentioned is to learn a furbolg

language, fufill a prophecy, grow wings, become a stealthed panther

without being a druid), die over and over and over from murlocs, and ride

an epic-speed elekk (draenei mount) for a short period of time. Overall,

the Draenei starting area is one of the more exciting places to start your

journey in Azeroth.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016