Here's your opportunity for a few minutes of TV fame!

World of War Net are collaborating with the British BBC TV network on a new MMO TV documentary the BBC is in the process of creating. So if you always wanted to be on TV, and if any of the below sounds like you

Is your Avatar more like 'you' than you are?
Are you making a lot of virtual money? And turning it into 'real' money?
Are you a typical online gamer, or do you break the geek-mould?
The BBC is making a new documentary about the meteoric rise of MMORPGs and other virtual worlds: featuring interviews with game designers, psychologists, economists and of course, gamers - which is where you come in...

We're looking for a wide range of gamers (UK and US) to feature in the film - from teenagers to pensioners, newbies to guild leaders, and from addicts to part-timers.

We're particularly interested in hearing from you if:

You're passionate about your Avatar - whether it's just like you, or contrasts dramatically with your life offline
You make real money through your dealings in a game
You are worried about addiction - either for yourself, a friend, or a relative
You are organising a protest or event in a game
You regularly meet with other gamers in the outside world

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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