Gearing up in the World
of Warcraft
takes a long and for some is a fairly difficult process. One key piece of gear that is generally difficult to find for many players is a set of good solid trinkets. Luckily for all of us, this patch many of the trinkets are easy to get a hold of. There are now many really good trinkets for all classes that are found by running the new heroics, the Dragon Soul raid, and from the justice and valor point vendors.

Which are the best trinkets for DPS casters though, which should you aim for and why. That is what we run through here starting from number 5 and working up to the best DPS caster trinket in the game.

Keep in mind that some of the trinkets listed here come in multiple different levels since items that drop in the Dragon Soul raid are base ilevel 384 in LFR, ilevel 397 in normal, and ilevel 410 in heroic. Some items are even higher level if they drop from Deathwing.

Also keep in mind that this guide is generic for all DPS casters, meaning it includes mages, warlocks, druids, shaman, and priests. The exact order listed here shifts a bit for different classes and specs, but is generally as listed.

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#5 Best Caster DPS Trinket - [ps item=62047]Darkmoon Card: Volcano[/ps]

darkmoon card volcano, best DPS caster trinket 5
A trinket that just refuses to disappear from the lists

This trinket has been around for a long time, and for some reason just refuses to leave the tops DPS lists. This card is received by collecting the crafted cards that herbalists can make and then turning them into the Darkmoon faire. Even though this trinket is only an item level 359 item, it provides more DPS than several other higher level trinkets.

It provides a good amount of mastery, which isn't the best stat for many casters, but can be reforged to something else. The best part though is that it has a chance to deal additional fire damage to the target of your spells and to proc a huge intellect boost of 1600 for 12 seconds. That extra intellect means a lot more spell power and damage during that time. Better yet the internal cooldown timer is about 45 seconds meaning that this can occur quite often.

Lastly the damage portion of the proc is affected by your spellpower with a .10 co-efficient and can crit for 50% bonus damage, meaning it can add up to some ok damage all by itself, it isn't just a 1200 damage hit.

#4 Best Caster DPS Trinket - [ps item=77114]Bottled Wishes[/ps]

bottled wishes, best dps caster trinket 4
This trinket provides a big on use boost to spellpower.

This trinket earns its spot for the large amount of haste that it provides as well as its on use ability to grant a huge amount of spell power. First up it grants 458 haste which is useful for most casters, but can be reforged to something else if required. Secondly its on use ability grants 2290 spellpower for 15 seconds. Given that when entering the LFR version of Dragon Soul most casters will have around 8,000 spellpower it means about a 25% boost for the time it is active.

One of the other big positives about this trinket is how easy it is to get. There is no need to worry about drop rates, winning rolls, or getting into a group. It is available at your friendly neighborhood valor gear vendor for 1650 points. This means you can get it after only two weeks of running heroics and LFR groups.

If you are an elemental shaman or a balance druid then you might want to consider the other trinket that you can get for valor points instead. It is called [ps item=77115]Reflection of the Light[/ps] and offers the same on use ability, but provides spirit instead of haste. Since spirit equals hit for these two classes it may be better for you itemization wise.

The only downside to both of these trinkets is that they do not grant intellect and are therefore relegated to spot #4 and no higher.

#3 Best Caster DPS Trinket - [ps item=77980]Cunning of the Cruel[/ps]

cunning of the cruel, best dps caster trinket 3
This trinket provides a good amount of intellect as well as a proc that ups your AOE damage ability for all those trash groups or even bosses with adds.

This trinket earns its spot on the list due to an awesome on equip ability that allows you to significantly increase your AOE DPS. It grants all of your damage abilities a chance to proc a shadowbolt volley that damages all other enemies that are near your initial target. The base damage it provides is pretty good, but better yet it scales with your spellpower. On top of the proc it also provides 406 intellect which is nothing to sneeze at.

The only downside to this trinket is that it does not really help on most boss fights since there are normally not adds around so the proc will not add any DPS. Therefore you should swap this trinket out for single target fights and then re-equip it any time you are fighting multiple enemies.

This trinket can be obtained from several bosses in the Dragon Soul raid including Morchok, Yor'sahj, Zon'ozz, Hagara, and Warmaster Blackhorn.

#2 Best Caster DPS Trinket - [ps item=77991]Insignia of the Corrupted Mind[/ps]

Insignia of the corrupted mind, best caster DPS trinket 2
A trinket that supplies a huge haste buff via a proc.

The second best tanking trinket for almost all casters is the Insignia of the Corrupted Mind due to the bonuses to intellect and hast that it grants. The bonus to intellect starts off at 486 for the ilevel 384 LFR version of the trinket and ramps up from there. It also has a proc that grants a large amount of haste for 20 seconds that has an internal cooldown of 2 minutes. The haste proc starts at 2573 for the LFR version and again increases from there. This trinket is dropped by Yor'sahj the Unsleeping in the Dragon Soul raid.

Since haste is a key stat for so many casters it ranks very high on the list. There are some exceptions shadow priests and elemental shaman where others will output slightly higher DPS, but for the rest of the casters it the second trinket that you want. Even for the classes where it isn't the second best, it is still damn good.

Think about that haste proc, most casters will have around 3,000 - 3,500 haste when doing LFR or even starting normal mode. That means that when this procs it will almost double your haste, it is almost like being under a heroism or bloodlust. Therefore this is a significant boost that can not be ignored.

#1 Best Caster DPS Trinket - [ps item=77975]Will of Unbinding[/ps]

Will of Unbinding, best caster DPS trinket 1
A trinket that supplies a huge amount of intellect as a stacking buff while casting.

The best casting DPS trinket for pretty much any caster class is the Will of Unbinding. It is a very simple trinket that grants a stacking buff to intellect every time you cast a harmful spell. The bonus per stack is based on the ilevel of the trinket which can be found in ilevel 390 from LFR, 403 from normal mode, and 410 from heroic mode, they grant 78, 88, and 99 intellect per stack respectively. Better yet it can stack all the way to 10 stacks, which means up to essentially 1,000 intellect!

Since intellect is the primary stat for all casters and there is nothing else out there that provides anywhere close to this amount it makes it the best by far for pretty much any caster DPS. For Boomkins it is just slightly better than the insignia of the corrupted mind, but it is still the best.

This item is found by defeating the Spine of Deathwing fight.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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