Dressing up; we all took part it in at one point in
time…boy, girl, Tauren, and Night Elf we all took in the
world of make believe when we were children. As we have grown older we
no longer take part in this childhood game, even though the
embarrassing pictures our parents took still remain. However, despite
the fact that most of us have “grown up” we World
of Warcraft
fans have never really left the world of make-believe

So since we are unwilling to
leave the land of make-believe behind, and the NPCs in game dress kind
of funny anyways, I say let's get back to the finer moments in childhood
and do some dressing up baby! Now it's probably been awhile since
you’ve had the opportunity to do this so you may be a little
rusty, so in order to lend you a helping hand below this text you will
find several of my own personal favorite World of Warcraft in-game

World of Warcraft Pirate Costume

Human Pirate Costume

Avast ye matey! If you are feeling the call of the open sea, treasure, and using “Yarrrr” as a large part of your vocabulary why not
look the part with this stunning Pirate Costume (no Deviate Delight needed). as modeled by the lovely human below.

Items needed to complete this look include:

  • Head- [ps item=10030]Admiral's Hat[/ps]
  • Shirt- [ps item=6795]White Swashbuckler's Shirt[/ps]
  • Waist- [ps item=7052]Azure Silk Belt[/ps]
  • Legs- [ps item=7062]Crimson Silk Pantaloons[/ps]
  • Weapon- [ps item=3783]Light Scimitar[/ps]
  • Pet- [ps item=8492]Green Wing Macaw[/ps]

World of Warcraft Bride and Groom Costumes

Dun dun duh dun….dun dun duh dun….if it’s the wedding march you are hearing in your head and you want to make it official with that special someone World of Warcraft style then you simply must look the part. Otherwise you may find yourself alone at the alter of love. Check out
the rather unorthodox couple (but aren't they cute?!) below for the perfect wedding attire.

WoW Bride and Groom Costume

Items needed to complete this look include:

WoW Bride Costume
  • Chest- [ps item=10040]White Wedding Dress[/ps]
  • Feet- Glass-Stained Slippers
  • Held- Bouquet of Spring Flowers
  • Ring- [ps item=7340]Flawless Diamond Solitaire[/ps]
WoW Groom Costume
  • Chest - [ps item=10036]Tuxedo Jacket[/ps]
  • Shirt- [ps item=6833]White Tuxedo Shirt[/ps]
  • Legs- [ps item=6835]Black Tuxedo Pants[/ps]
  • Feet- [ps item=6836]Dress Shoes[/ps]
  • Head - (Optional) [ps item=58255]Lord Walden's Top Hat[/ps] or [ps item=54451]High Society Top Hat[/ps]

World of Warcraft Chef Costume

No matter if you are role-playing the part or simply whipping up some yummy delights for yourself and your fellow guild mates you can spice up your cooking experience by looking the part of the dashing French Chef. Well, technically you could be any kind of Chef, French Chefs just get to yell
“Oui-Oui” which really appeals to my inner child’s humor. Items needed to complete this look include:

WoW Chef Costume
  • Head - [ps item=46349]Chef's Hat[/ps]
  • Shirt - [ps item=4334]Formal White Shirt[/ps]
  • Legs - [ps item=6835]Black Tuxedo Pants[/ps]
  • Feet - [ps item=1495]Calico Shoes[/ps]
  • Weapon - [ps item=5197]Cookie's Tenderizer[/ps] or [ps item=1827]Meat Cleaver[/ps]
  • Held - [ps item=62858]Flesh and Bone[/ps]

World of Warcraft Fishing Costume

The last time I went fishing in real life it was with my grandfather and all I managed to catch was the branches of a very large tree. Needless to say it was not a successful fishing trip, however, I firmly believe that if I had simply dressed the part it would have made all the difference in the world and possibly changed the outcome of that trip altogether. Be sure to catch more than ninja trees that sneak up behind you in World of Warcraft by donning your very own fishing outfit as seen modeled on the troll below. Items needed to complete this look include:

wow fishing costume
  • Head - [ps item=3889]Russet Hat[/ps]
  • Chest - [ps item=6263]Blue Overalls[/ps]
  • Hands - [ps item=6202]Fingerless Gloves[/ps]
  • Feet - [ps item=19969]Nat Pangle's Extreme Anglin' Boots[/ps]
  • Held - [ps item=6256]Fishing Pole[/ps]
  • Accessories - [ps item=33223]Fishing Chair[/ps]

Stormwind Guard Costume

Wishing that you could become one of the honorable and brave Stormwind Guards? Well now you can with the outfit displayed below! This costume is so close to the real thing that if you stand still enough other players may even be asking you for directions! Items needed to complete this look include:

Stormwind Guard Costume
  • Head - [ps item=12427]Imperial Plate Helm[/ps]
  • Chest - [ps item=12422]Imperial Plate Chest[/ps]
  • Tabard - [ps item=15196]Private's Tabard[/ps]
  • Hands - [ps item=9366]Golden Scale Gauntlets[/ps]
  • Waist - [ps item=2424]Brigandine Belt[/ps]]
  • Legs - [ps item=12429]Imperial Plate Leggings[/ps]
  • Feet - [ps item=12426]Imperial Plate Boots[/ps]
  • Weapon - [ps item=25825]Footman's Longsword[/ps]
  • Shield - [ps item=1203]Aegis of Stormwind[/ps]

World of Warcraft Orgrimmar Grunt Costume

Don’t worry Horde fans we haven’t forgotten about you. Now you (as long as you can wear leather) can look like one of Orgrimmar’s very own guards. Stride around the city wearing this outfit and you will be sure to attract some attention to yourself, or stand still and easily blend into the landscape. Items to complete this look include:

Stormwind Guard Costume
  • Shoulder - [ps item=5732]Cabalist Spaulders[/ps]
  • Chest - [ps item=14601]Warden's Wraps[/ps]
  • Hands - [ps item=7443]Sentinel Gloves[/ps]
  • Wrists - [ps item=7447]Sentinel Bracers[/ps]
  • Waist - [ps item=7448]Sentinel Girdle[/ps]
  • Legs - [ps item=7440]Sentinel Trousers[/ps]
  • Feet - [ps item=7444]Sentinel Boots[/ps]
  • Weapon - [ps item=1640]Monstrous War Axe[/ps]

World of Warcraft "Pimp" Costume

What compilation of World of Warcraft outfits and costumes would be complete without an awesome pimp suit? So to wrap this show up I am pleased to present to you the perfect pimp outfit as shown on our Worgen model below. This outfit will not only establish your superiority over others in your profession but also remind your…ladies…as to why they work for you. The items needed to complete this look include:

WoW Pimp Costume
  • Head - [ps item=25680]Stylin' Purple Hat[/ps]
  • Shirt - [ps item=6833]White Tuxedo Shirt[/ps]
  • Chest - [ps item=22282]Purple Dinner Suit[/ps]
  • Waist - [ps item=7526]Gossamer Belt[/ps]
  • Finger - [ps item=7337]The Rock[/ps]
  • Feet - [ps item=6836]Dress Shoes[/ps]
  • Weapon - [ps item=45861]Diamond-Tipped Cane[/ps]

Remember, dressing up is no longer just for little girls, so indulge a little and get your character some fancy new clothes to fit your mood. And keep the trend going by sharing any improvements on this outfits or suggest outfits of your own in the comments section below. We love to hear from you!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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