One More Beta Journal

This one is one of my two favorites, from the recently released beta journals. However, it’s not really a beta journal but more of a why the author likes Vanguard Saga of Heroes Beta. It contains a lot of information, giving us class, crafting and diplomacy information. Very nicely done!

The strategy goes even deeper with stances. These forms build up over time, so if you stick to one stance in a fight it will hit a maximum bonus (healing, dodging, damage... etc). You need to walk in to a situation with an idea of how you'll approach it, due to the fact that switching from a level 5 dodge stance midfight can put you in a level 0 damage stance that will take time to build. Each class has its unique set of stances and effects, including a blood mage stance that does extra damage but removes their ability to be healed.

Read the full beta journal.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016