Translation Please!!

Ok. You've been playing Everquest 2 for a while now, and you still hear terms that mean nothing to you. When the curiosity builds to a certain level you ask what certain things mean promptly followed by raucous laughter and that word no one likes to be called.... no0b, newb, nub, noob and n3wb.... which means you just got pwn3d.

"Slide what do these words mean anyway?"

Yep, I get that question all the time... much of which I'm stumped myself. So what do I do? I look them up.

YES! there are actually dictionaries dedicated to terms like these that you see everyday.

Check some of them out.

Neddie Seagoon's MMOG Terminology Guide. Humorous definitions for some of the most widely used terms.

MMO Glossary


Urban Dictionary (yep, you can find many terms here too).

SO... while you're waiting on the KoS expansion, live update 19 or even PvP, go brush up on some of your MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) terms. You wouldn't be caught dead with good grammar, full words and sentances would you? Heck no!!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016