Level 1 - Regenerative Microbes

This gives Abathur a heal on his E, Carapace, allowing him to help sustain his team in between skirmishes.


Level 4 - Sustained Carapace

This allows Carapace to remain after Abathur cancels Symbiote as well as increases the shield amount. This effectively doubles Abathur's healing output if he hats an ally, shields them, then unhats, repeating as often as possible.


Level 7 - Calldown: MULE

This allows Abathur to heal his structures over time. Can be very useful on maps such as Sky Temple where the objective deals damage over time to structures, prolonging your building's life.


Alternative - Vile Nest

Vile Nest can be good when slowing enemy rotations is better than healing your forts. 


Level 10 - Ultimate Evolution

This allows Abathur to clone an allied hero, becoming a copy of the hero with no access to talents or their heroic. They do however, gain 20% attack damage and spell power and 10% movement speed.


Level 13 - Soma Transference

This allows Abathur's W, Spike Burst, to heal the allied hero per enemy hero hit. This extra healing can be very strong in the middle of a hectic fight.


Level 16 - Adrenaline Boost

This allows Abathur's E, Carapace, to also give movement speed. This can be great for chasing enemies or escaping. 


Level 20 - Hivemind

This makes Abathur's Symbiote create another Symbiote on a nearby allies hero that deals 50% less damage and shields 50% less.

These extra hats do benefit from talents, meaning you can heal multiple allies and increase their movement speed.



  • Mines can be very useful for knowing when enemies are taking their mercenary camps or a Boss. Try to keep mines on mercenary camps that will likely be taken soon to know exactly when enemies are on them. Mines can also be useful for slowing enemy rotations and keeping vision. Try to place them where enemies often walk to dismount and reveal them.
  • Abathur can effectively soak two lanes. One with his body, and one with Symbiote. If enemies are pushing the lanes, casting Symbiote on a tower when the wave crashes will catch the experience but not lock you into Symbiote for a long time since the tower will kill the minions fairly quickly.
  • Your goal as Abathur is to soak experience where neither allies nor enemies could as well as tip any small skirmishes in your team’s favour. His soaking comes from his ability to burrow anywhere he has vision as well as his Symbiote ability. Symbiote also helps your team win any 1v1s or 2v2s very easily with the extra damage and shield Symbiote provides.


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Last Updated: Jul 04, 2018

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