Level 1 - Circle of Life

This quest gives Alexstrasza 5% more healing on her W at 15 regen globes gathered and allows her W to create a regen globe at 25 globes gathered. This can be a significant boost to burst healing in a fight.


Level 4 - Exuberance

This increases Alexstrasza's movement speed while above 75% health, allowing her to navigate the fight faster and avoid enemy abilities easier.


Level 7 - Verdant Flourish

This increases the healing Alexstrasza recieves from her W and regen globes significantly. This allows her to sustain herself and survive slightly better when dove.


Level 10 - Cleansing Flame

This allows Alexstrasza to fly above the battlefield becoming untargettable and raining flame at your cursor. This flame heals allies and damages enemies. This heroic allows alexstrasza to get out of some sticky situations and continue to heal allies.


Alternative - Life-Binder

Alexstrasza links with an allied hero, healing them both for a small amount before setting the lower HP percentage to the higher HP percentage between the two heroes linked. This can be very strong when you have a tank such as Diablo versus a team that struggles to kill him. They can become completely unkillable and a real problem for the enemy team.


Level 13 - Pacify

This allows Alexstrasza to reduce an enemy hero's damage by 50% and slow them by 50% for 3 seconds. This can be very strong for negating burst of certain heroes or shutting down certain heroics.


Alternative - Life Unbound

This is an activatable ability that heals an allied hero for 15% of their max HP and deals minor damage around them. This is great if you don't need Pacify or your tanks are just barely not surviving.


Level 16 - Draconic Disipline

This makes Dragonqueen last 7 seconds longer, allowing you to stay in dragon form longer. This is very strong since enemy often want to wait out the dragon form. With this, they will either have to wait 7 seconds longer, often giving whatever objective they were fighting for or fight into the dragon. 


Level 20 - On Ruby Wings

This allows Alexstrasza to become her dragon form for 15 seconds after hitting 8 heroes (allied or enemy) with her Cleansing Flame. Keep in mind this duration does not stack with Dragonqueen so use wisely.



  • Save Dragonqueen for some objective. Using it for a random teamfight can leave it on cooldown for the map objective or a more important fight. Always have a goal to achieve when using Dragonqueen that is better than “We might get kills”. Make sure those kills translate into an objective or important structure.
  • Alexstrasza is very susceptible to poke since she cannot heal herself effectively. Make sure you prioritise avoiding enemy attacks. This usually means you should play very safe, forcing enemies to push up to be within range of you. This changes slightly during Dragonqueen since her auto attacks are very powerful and should be used most of the time during this form.
  • Most late game teamfights are very quick. In quick fights you should always be in either Dragonqueen or Cleansing Flame to maximize your healing output. Longer fights will require you to stagger these big cooldowns over the course of the fight. If a late game fight explodes, don’t be afraid to pop a cooldown, you will have the duration of that cooldown to decide whether you will need the other one right after.



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Last Updated: Jul 04, 2018

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