Level 1 - Piercing Darts

This quest gives Ana increased Q and E range as well as allowing them both to pierce a target. Once your Q can pierce allies, you effectively double your healing output, increasing your teams sustain massively.


Level 4 - Overdose

This allows Ana's E to apply three stacks of Shrike to her target. This can help deal a little damage as well as synergize with some later talents.


Level 7 - Mind-Numbing Agent

This makes Ana's Shrike reduce enemy ability power by 10% per stack. This can reduce ability power by up to 50% on an enemy. 


Level 10 - Nano Boost

This gives an ally mana and a buff, increasing ability power by 30% and their basic ability cooldown recharge 150% faster for 8 seconds. Use this on a mage on your team or someone who benefits greatly from CD reduction such as Genji's Dragonblade.


Level 13 - Enemy Team Dependant

This talent tier has three options that are decided based on the enemy team. Smelling Salt is strong if the prominent CC are stuns on the enemy team. Purifying Darts are strong against many strong slows on the enemy team and Speed Serum is the alternative if you do not need the other two. If you have doubts on what is the correct choice, Speed Serum will always get value.


Level 16 - Concentrated Doses

This makes your Q heal for 10% more per stack of Shrike on an enemy hero. This can increase your healing significantly as long as you are applying Shrike to enemies whenever possible.


Level 20 - Nano Infusion

This makes the ally affected by Nano Boost to heal themselves for 50% of their ability damage done. This allows them to play very aggresively, dealing massive damage to the enemy team with little risk.



  • Sleep Dart can be used as a mini stun since enemies cannot be woken during the first 0.5 seconds. This can be valuable time to let an ally follow up with their own CC or just to interrupt an enemy’s cast.
  • Biotic Grenade stops all enemy healing for 2 seconds. This can completely negate Alexstrasza’s Abundance or partially negate most healing heroics. It is often better to use it for offense than defense since it only increases your healing by 25% while reducing enemy healing by 100%.
  • A good Nano Boost can win a fight. Make sure you can coordinate with your ally when they will be using their abilities to give their burst the edge it needs to finish of an enemy hero. Nano Boost can also be strong on a tank if your team needs CC badly. The extra cooldown reduction can allow your tank to make up for your teams lack of CC.


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Last Updated: Jul 04, 2018

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