Superhero fans have been in reserved excitement for Crytpic's upcoming comic themed MMO game Champions Online. Producer Bill Roper released a developer blog today discussing a few of the mechanics we'll all enjoy including overarching story lines, knowledge perks, and nemesis. It was just a little taste, but might be enough to whet your appetite.

There are six different "overplots" that are intertwined throughout the game, reaching across all of the different regions. Organizations such as VIPER, ARGENT and PSI use both superpowers and super-technology in their dastardly plots to control the world. Creatures from outer space and other dimensions seek to enslave humanity. The dread Takofanes wields dark magic of unspeakable power. The super-scientist Teleios is creating an army of clones and constructs to do his bidding, while the robot Mechanon makes plans to cleanse the planet of all organic life. And the greatest threat of all is Doctor Destroyer – a superhuman genius who will not stop until all of humanity bends their knee to his greatness.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016