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Flagship Studios rocked the gaming world last month at it's sudden closing - and the subsequent rumors about the fate of it's two games, Hellgate: London and Mythos, are still flying. Now Bill Roper, founder and CEO of Flagship speaks, straightening out the rumors.

GFW: Back to the involvement of these other companies...

BR: Sure. The other major component of that, on the Asia side, is Hanbitsoft. It's been really kind of discouraging to read some of the press that's coming out of Korea. We worked with Hanbitsoft for a long time. Back in the Blizzard days, we launched StarCraft and Diablo with them. Together, both companies had a huge amount of success. When we started Flagship Studios, there really wasn't any doubt we wanted to work with Hanbit. That was our known, comfortable, go-to company, because I'd known them for a long time and had a very good relationship with them. The real challenges started when T3 came in as an investor, and pretty much everything changed overnight. Obviously, when companies are dealing with each other, there's a lot of NDAs, especially with publicly traded companies involved. So we didn't really have any kind of heads-up that that was happening. We literally read about the investment from T3 online.

This is a very long interview folks, toping out at 8 pages. There's still a bit of he said/she said going on, but this side the story rings truer to me than what HanbitSoft is saying, mainly because Bill Roper admits where his mistakes were.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016