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~ SLiDE 2006

Blackguard has reposted some good information for EverQuest 2 players new and old.

What is the "Newbie Yard" in the SoE forums for anyway?

The Newbie forum is intended for use by new players, whether they be new to the world of Norrath, EQII in particular, or MMORPGs in general. Here is where new players can ask questions and get help from more seasoned players. This is NOT a "general discussion" forum and posts that do not belong here will be locked or moved.

Blackguard was nice enought to post links to the forum rules and conduct page, Dev Tracker, and other forum tools. It's always a good idea to "repost" stuff like this every once in a while. No0bs many times gloss over the general important stuff. Not all of them... just 90 percent... which can be proven statistically. Just don't ask me for the paperwork.

Check out BG's post right here.

Blackguard also dug up the link to the EQ2 manual! Because the game is ever changing, the manual get's to change with it.

This is a good link to have around when you need a manual that isn't outdated and being used as a drink coaster on your computer desk.

To find the most up-to-date EQII manual, head on over here:

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016