Rumors have been circulating for a while now that Diablo III might make its way to the console and in a recent interview with Atomic Gamer, Blizzard Lead Content Designer Kevin Martens fanned those flames a bit more and maybe even started a few new speculation rumors when he was asked about a spin-off of the game for the iPhone or iPad.

Yes, that would be cool, but I think we have a big enough challenge just getting Diablo III out right now. We are exploring options of moving a Diablo-style game onto consoles. We’re looking for console people right now to see if that’s feasible, but we just want to make the best Diablo PC game right now.

While it's not a solid confirmation, Martens states that they are"definitely looking into it." There are still a number of jobs open on the Blizzard website for aspiring developers on the project. The interview also delves into some of the game mechanic changes and improvements to Diablo III. Blizzard is shooting for a 2011 release, but that is not etched in stone.

Source: Atomic Gamer

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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