Spent some time trolling around on the Blizzard WoW Beta Forums yesterday and today and came up with a few really good threads to check out for all you without the time to dig through everything.

Level 1-50 Warlock guide - A very good read that walks you through his creation of an undead Warlock from level 1 through 50, by Ultimus.

WoW Collectors edition in game item voucher discussion - Blizzard is seeking comments on what players would like to see as the bonus in game item you would get for buying the Collectors edition. Head over there and make your comments known!

Blizzard working on Auction Houses - An ongoing discussion about the in game auction houses and how they should and can work. Comments back from Blizzard with some changes to be made in patches.

Agility and Strength clarification - Info on how agility and strength affect attack power.

Level Differences and PVP - Discussion on Blizzards idea of level balancing and who should be able to handle what.

Patch Size - Comments and discussion on the 750mb patch.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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