The Blizzard Insider issue #3 has just been released. Aside from a recap of the details from the recent content patch, it has an interesting article about the creation of the Scarlet Monastery.

One of the most notorious instances in World of Warcraft is the Scarlet Monastery in Tirisfal Glades - a major fortress of the Scarlet Crusade. The Crusade is pledged to eradicate the Undead Scourge from Azeroth, but their holy war has taken on a zeal bordering madness. What terrible and dark things are taking hold in this powerful seat of the light? Players have the chance to find out in this epic instance made up of four unique wings each containing a separate adventure. Though now an epic dungeon, once the SM was just an idea, a drawing on a board, and World of Warcraft designer Jeffrey Kaplan has taken the time to talk to us about the dungeon's evolution from idea to inception.

There is also a teaser of what's to come in a future update!

The next World of Warcraft content patch will feature two major new areas for exploration and conflict. Zul Gurub is a 20-person, casual high-end raid dungeon, extending World of Warcraft's epic, high-level end-game. Also in the next patch, the dev team is planning to release a brand new Battle Ground - the Arathi Basin - for player-versus-player mayhem. Arathi Basin will be a medium high-end map that will focus on the Horde vs. Alliance resource struggle. Teams will need to capture and hold strategic objectives to gather resources for their side. The first team to reach their resource goals wins. Watch and the Insider in the coming weeks for previews on these new areas and other announcements on upcoming content for World of Warcraft.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016