With StarCraft II's detailed custom map making tools, there are no shortages of maps being made by the community. But Blizzard recently released the first of their official new maps for the popular RTS game. The aptly named "Burning Tide" map is a derived from the single player campaign map "The Devil's Playground" in which players must dodge rising lava while collecting for resources. The new map is designed for 3v3 with the goal being to collect a specified number of resources first.

Featuring timed lava surges and collectable mineral caches, Burning Tide is a 3v3 map that combines several thematic elements from the epic single-player campaign mission "The Devil's Playground." Like the campaign mission, the goal of this game is greed, and the first team to reach the specified resource total wins! Players hoping to achieve victory on this map will need to work together, carefully managing their team's unit production and safeguarding their vulnerable workers as they defend against enemy forces.

Check out all the new map details and screenshots here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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