Chuck....CHUCK NORRIS!?!?

Perhaps the most memorable event at BlizzCON 2007, the
Sound-Alike, Dance, and Costume contests brought hundreds of Blizzard
fans together to see who could perform the most convincing
representation of the characters, audio snippets, and dance animations
found in Blizzard games. Emceed by the sharp-witted host of NBC's
"Last Comic Standing", Jay Mohr, the pageantry even featured a visit
by the real life persona of Leeroy Jenkins, Ben Schulz, and... Chuck

"But Blood Elf terpsichore won out in the end. While at least 5
female dancers performed to the Brittney Spears-inspired Korean iDance
stylings of the Blood Elf female, only one, Susan Curtis, drew the air
out of the hall by throwing off her wrap to reveal a skimpy Blood Elf
costume and launching into a flowing, deadpan imitation of all things
good and Spears. However, the grand winner, Alex Gross, performed a
convincing adaptation of a Blood Elf male's dance, the classic dance
scene from the nerd manifesto Napoleon Dynamite, completing the image
with a "Vote for Kael'Thas" t-shirt."

Oh baby, oh baby! Check out the rest!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016