The glitz and glam of BlizzCon certainly has its appeal. With so much
going on each day, it's hard to really take a moment to form an opinion
about what's going on. While the powerful trailers and epic gameplay
demos may distract the eyes of some individuals, Jay "Medeor" Johnson
was not so easily swayed. Now that the show is over, Jay takes a moment
to give us his opinion of the WoW Dungeon and Raid panel and creatively
makes his own "Chamber of Aspects." Check it out!

The Barack Obama Aspects

In a true movement of change, there are no attunements. Can I get a
hallelujah? The crowd actually had a smattering of boos when the panel
announced that there are no keys required. Who are these gluttons for
attunements? Not anyone I play with I can assure you. That's not
entirely true though, raids will need at least one person with the
key/orb doodad from Naxx to start the event with Malygos in the Eye of
Eternity. That met with only mild discontent from the hardcores.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016