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New character models. Players have been
demanding them for years. However, new fuel was added to the fire
with the introduction of the Pandarian who looked at least 100 times
better than any other character model in the game. While players who
chose this race got to run around with their shiney new character
models, most of us were stuck with models that were just a little
outdated to say the least.

Finally, at long last, Blizzard has
responded to our pleas and brand new character models are in the
works. These models will retain the iconic features of the race, but
be more refined and become more life-like, without losing the essence
of the character. Characters will have facial expressions, more
freedom of movement, and just a much cooler look overall.

We got a glimpse of these character
models today at the Art of World of Warcraft panel and I was utterly
floored at how they look. The improvement almost cannot be put into
words. In fact, the improvement shouldn't be put into words. I could
sit here and tell you all about how great these models look, but it
won't do them justice. So scroll down for some screenshots of some before
and after
character models pics and be amazed in your own right. Enjoy!

(Tons of Images Incoming!)

Scourge Male


Scourge Male


Scourge Male Updated


Gnome Male Before and After

Gnome Female Before and After

Gnome Facial Expressions


Orc Male Before and After


Dwarf Character Models


Tauren Model Update

As mentioned before, I personally think these character
models look fantastic. What do you think about the new
character models? Are they everything you hoped they would be? Share your
thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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