Hasten Bootstrutter, or as we sometimes call him, Aggro Me, amuses us with a more personal account of his travels in Norrath:

Hail adventurer! Allow me to introduce myself. Hasten Bootstrutter is the name, and traveling is my game.

You may know me from one of my delightful “field guides.” I’ve written one for almost every locale in Norrath, guiding you, my faithful reader, to points of interest and adventure! But my publisher tells me that today’s generation of adventurer prefers a travel account that’s a little more personal. Well, I aim to please. I've decided it would be fitting to start my latest journey from the place all journeys begin…home.

Aggro Me has completed part one and part two of this oh so funny tale, so be sure to stop by his blog and give it a read!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016