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Check Test Live - Huge Undocumented Combo/Damage Changes

Some changes have been made to the combo system on Testlive and not everyone is happy about it. However, it is important to remember that Testlive is a test server and where the developers will test content to find the right balance. Not everything seen there will make it to live as our new Game Director Craig "Silirrion" Morrison in his post on this topic.

Please remember folks, the purpose of a test server is to do just that, test. It's also important to go and check it out for yourself so that you have the entire context as there are often multiple changes that might contribute to a particular shift in mechanics, so taking one in isolation and out of context is not really all that productive.

...and as always, as it is a test server remember, and that the feedback is part of the process. Not everything you see appear on test live will make it onto the live servers in it's original test form. If you have a strong opinion about test server content, head over there, check it out and let us know what you think about it constructively on the test server forums.

Do you have a strong opinion about some of the changes in testing? Make a character on the Test Server, play a bit, and the make your way to the Testlive Forums and post an informed piece of feedback.

Letter from the Game Director – September 2008

AoC's new Game Director Craig "Silirrion" Morrison posted his first "Letter from the Game Director" to the community this week. This thread opened up a dialogue with the community that Craig "Silirrion" Morrison has been actively participating in as he discusses his outlined plans for the future of AoC.

What would you most like to see funcom do?

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What do you think of the latest PvP update?

Jacqmor started this thread to discuss what things players would like to see Funcom do to improve Age of Conan. Some of the popular items include PvP changes, crafting revamps, social interfaces, additional content, and much more. Head over and tell us what you would like to see added to the game to make it a more enjoyable experience. Personally, I would love to see a much better User Interface customization option. That is one thing Warhammer did an awesome job with and I would love to see something similar in AoC.


The Ascendant Guild has managed to create the first Tier 3 city on the server Dagoth. We would like to congratulate this guild on that fine accomplishment. Drop into this thread and give them a pat on the back.

Funny Screenshot thread ...

How can you go wrong with funny screenshots? That is what this thread is all about. Take a look at some of the comical screens the community has captured during their time in Hyboria. Make sure to add any you might have to this little thread so we can all laugh with you.


Ten Ton
Hammer Threads of the Week


Crafting Changes Layed-Out.

Crafting is a favorite activity to many people in MMORPGs and since the launch of AoC there have been many calls from the community to revamp the crafting system. Those cries have been heard and there are currently some planned changes set to go into an update on the Test server that have a lot of community members jumping with joy. You can read the changes in this thread and tell us what you think of the coming changes.

I've just got back.

This thread discusses one persons view on how Funcom prioritized the changes to AoC. Not all of our community agreed with this view and chimed in to discuss other points of view. Funcom US Community Manager Glen "Famine" Swan (TehFamine here at Ten Ton Hammer) chimed in to add his thoughts on the matter as well. One thing is for sure. With all the patching and new information on the Test server, Funcom is busting their humps to get content patched into the game. No one can deny those guys are burning the midnight oil.

How Do You Like the PvP Patch?

The new PvP patch takes the helm of this week's poll. Now that the first part of the PvP update has had some time to sit and stir on the live servers we wanted to gauge the communities view on the latest changes. Do you like the new PvP system? Vote and tell us in this thread what you think and what if anything you feel needs to change to make the system better and more fun.


Weekly Funny with the Tuk

face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> style="font-weight: bold;">(The Weekly Funny is not
reflective of the views of Ten Ton Hammer. That said, they are of mine.)

Just when I think the level of stupidity I have seen can't possibly get any lower there is always someone willing to go above and beyond the known levels of human stupidity to prove me wrong. Such is the case with this week's stuntman wannabe. This skateboarding superstar figured it would be a good idea to set himself on fire and do a skateboard stunt. However he was clearly not a trained stuntman and had no idea what he was doing. The stunt was a disaster, but at least I got a laugh out of it. I'm twisted like that.

Stop, drop, and roll...


AoC Ten Ton Hammer Content


face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Ten Ton Hammer has
rolled out a ton of new content, videos, and guides since launch and
the content train is still rolling. In case you missed it here is all
the great content from this past week.

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