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Update 29th October - Discussion Thread

This week AoC got its long awaited Update #3. This update brought with it a lot of combat changes, big changes to crafting, and the second half of the PvP update with the Notoriety system. Some people love the changes but as expected not everyone is happy with it and a few people have found new ways to annoy the populace. This thread is a good place to voice your concerns, feedback, or suggestions about the latest update.

AoC Community Survey #4

AoC Community member Wexx is back with his fourth Community Survey. The latest survey is about guilds, crafting, and your opinion on the game and new Game Director. Give it a look and take a few minutes to fill it out.

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Craig 'Silirrion' Morrison speaks with the community about the recent game update.

When your testers ask you not to put this live...

As with any change there are those who will disagree with it. There's an old saying. "You can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all the time." (Abraham Lincoln) This update is no exception. Some people love it, others hate it. Krakkken of the official forums was one of the ones that were not as happy with the new system or at least the way it was implemented.

You should listen. Tons of test server players begged them not to push this live until it was fixed and all the things that people are complaining about were worked out. You keep asking our opinions but slap us in the face by ignoring our requests, putting stupid changes in the game, and actually go in the exact opposite direction that we ask you to. Why MMO companies do this is beyond me. Now you are getting posts from people who didn't go to the test server and are saying the exact same thing that the testers were saying all along. If you don't want us to help then quit asking us to test it for you. You are now being compared to the SWG NGE disaster. That's never a good thing to be mentioned with the largest MMO mistake in the history of MMO's.

Game Director Craig 'Silirrion' Morrison responded to his post in the same thread.

The feedback from test live was not black and white as you would like to cast it. When we make a game system that adds consequences to what was previously a completely open PVP system there will always be players who preferred it that way and would like it to stay that way.

Likewise there are players who did not like the totally open system and wanted a system whereby those who wished to 'gank' and suchlike actually had to put effort into and potentially suffer a penalty. That is what this system achieves.

Therefore we knew going into it that certain players would not like it and would disagree with it. That is the inherent nature of a change like this and doesn't mean that we don't listen. It means that we have listened and on this occasion we decided that the people with an opposing opinion to your own were correct, and the system reflects their point of view rather than yours. We wouldn't make the change if we didn't feel it was in the best long term interests of the game.

When making a system change like this that address a 'playstyle' preference then disagreement will happen. It is allowed to have differing points of view.

Some players will for sure wish it had stayed totally open and give them the ability to gank and grief without consequence. We didn't agree with that sentiment and have introduced a system that addressed that.

Overall I think the system is working well in terms of addressing what it was intended to address and adding that dynamic element to the PVP. There are some minor issues (the bug with apprenticed / mentored players etc) and those are already been worked on and we will address those issues as soon as possible. The system itself though is heading in the direction that we felt was best for the long term future of the game.

I think any true PVP aficionado will see that the system still supports open world PVP. If however your personal definition of 'enjoyable PVP' was limited to only picking on weaker targets, then yes, we have implemented a system that I wouldn't expect you to want in place. If however you wish to prove your skill and mettle at PVP I think all the opportunities are still there...and furthermore, if you do wish to become an outlaw you still can, it now just comes at a cost.

This thread has led to a lot of good discussion with the new Game Director responding to several post explaining the change and defending the decision to make it. Like him or not you can't say the man isn't listening.

PvP Gear Screenshot

This week here at Ten Ton Hammer we put together a collection of PvP Gear Screenshots for the male models. You can view those here. This thread is a discussion of complaints and compliments but its a good place for you to tell us and Funcom what you think of them.


Ten Ton
Hammer Threads of the Week


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href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/47388" title="Mammoth"> src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/47388" alt="PvP"
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height="640" width="300">

We recently added the male models of PvP Armor here at Ten Ton Hammer.

Win AoC Free for Life

This week Funcom released the 18th edition of the Clan Conan Newsletter and with it a new contest. This sweepstakes will give you the chance at winning AoC free for life and we have been discussing and having a little fun with it. If you were around for the contest we had for this game at launch you will be happy to know that my therapy sessions stemming from it are going well. In any case pop in and have a little fun with us, and make sure to register for the contest.

Congratulations to Glen "Famine Swan

Funcom US Community Manager Glen "Famine" Swan will be getting married this week. We at Ten Ton Hammer would like to wish Famine all the best and a great wedding. Feel free to drop by our forums and wish him your best and a happy ending to his days of freedom. I kid because I care.

The Daily "It Made Me Laugh!"

Do you need a good laugh? Look no further. This thread contains a myriad of comical jokes, funny video clips, and a slew of comical images. Add your own or drop in to have a laugh.


Weekly Funny with the Tuk

face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> style="font-weight: bold;">(The Weekly Funny is not
reflective of the views of Ten Ton Hammer. That said, they are of mine.)

Voting season is drawing near. I hope you all have registered if you can and plan to vote next week. In the meantime our current President is nearing the end of his second term and I figured this week in the Funny we would pay tribute to our current President by taking a look at some of his more comical moments in a little compilation I have nicknamed...

Farewell to the Chief...

AoC Ten Ton Hammer Content


Ten Ton Hammer has
rolled out a ton of new content, videos, and guides since launch and
the content train is still rolling. In case you missed it here is all
the great content from this past week.

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