Filled with more swashbuckling and sea combat than almost every other pirate themed MMO game combined, Bounty Bay offers something unique to the gaming world. With full scale PvP, crafting, and historic ports to visit you'll find a lot more than poop deck jokes here. Is it for the average player or home for the hardcore? Check out our entire verdict inside.

: The first thing you have to understand is a misconception about the game. While it was created by an overseas developer, it was not a free to play game. Even now there is an option to either pay a small subscription fee (called the classic server) or free to play which has an item shop for you to check out. The classic server offers what we imagine in the form of traditional games by making players earn what they want versus purchasing it. The only downside I saw concerning the subscription is that it appeared to be flexible based on the current euro to dollar currency conversion. I'm not sure how much 10 euros comes out to, but that's the monthly fee.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016