Though talk like a pirate day has long since come-and-gone, we've still
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style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">Bounty
Bay Online - New game content and storyline
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new content to be discovered in Bounty Bay Online. Today, an update has
been implemented, adding even more flair and fun to the MMOG set in a
naval 15th century world.

New resource tickets
give the players
a chance to gain access to resource areas and expand the storyline. In
Genoa, mysterious events cast their shadows and scientific experiments
are taking place which have never been seen before. Even the legendary
genius Leonardo da Vinci has his role to play. Whoever is clever enough
will meet him personally and will learn a secret from him which may
turn the world upside down… Because of all that is going on,
one great
power feels deceived and begins to spin a web out of treachery and

The new content is
provided automatically as soon as gamers log into their account.

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week, new NPCs will be added helping land warriors gather experience
points and gold. This lets them improve their skills in sword, axe or
gun fighting.

Bounty Bay Online puts
gamers in the time of early
discoveries in the 15th century. Every gamer builds his own online
destiny, whether you choose to be a merchant, adventurer, fisherman or
pirate. Besides Europe, Africa and Asia also await players to be

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title="It's getting dark"> src="/image/view/12562/preview"
title="Checkin' out the foliage"> src="/image/view/12561/preview"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016