Introduced in Patch 5.1 the Brawler's
Guild gave players a chance to take part in underground fighting
rings. Players test their mettle against various bosses and even have
the opportunity to spill some blood in front of an adoring audience
of their peers. In Patch 5.3 epic battles will still rage on in the
dark underbelly of Orgrimmar and Stormwind, with a few new changes in
tow. Read onward for a briefing of the exciting (no nerfs found
here!) changes that can be found in the Brawler's Guild in Patch 5.3.

Reliving the Past

Ever wish you could go back in time and
relive that one epic Brawler's Guild battle? In Patch 5.3 you can!
Once your character has defeated an entire tier or Challenge Card,
you can visit Card Dealer Leila in Stormwind or Card Trader Amia in
Orgrimmar. These vendors will offer up a Challenge Card for each of
the bosses you have already managed to defeat. After purchasing the
Challenge Card of your choice, simply present the card to one of the
bouncers and you will then have the ability to queue up for that
specific boss.

New Brawler's Guild Tiers

Even though entrance into the guild is
still pretty exclusive and players have only been able to take part
in the action for a few short patches, many players have already
managed to progress high into the ranks of the Brawler's Guild. To
keep things interesting Blizzard has added two new tiers to the ranks
of the Brawler's Guild. Now able to advance to level 10, players will
also be greeted with eight brand new bosses that are ripe for the
killing. This means that the Brawler's Guild now has a total of 52
individual bosses to fight. Impressive.

VIP Treatment

After all that fighting all a hero
wants to do is kick up their feet and relax. In Patch 5.3 each
faction will now have a VIP area available to them for just this
purpose. The VIP lounges are only available to players who have
sufficiently proven themselves in the ring (rank 8 or above), but
that should be a small thing to those who join the Brawler's Guild.
The Alliance will find their VIP room inside the once roped off
doorway that leads into the area overlooking Bizmo's Brawlpub. Horde
players will need to board a zeppelin, by way of goblin teleporter,
to discover their VIP lounge which offers spectacular views of the
fighting arena. Both areas will offer players much needed refreshment
and entertainment.

alt="Horde VIP Zep" />

Challenge Cards

Player's will now have the opportunity
to collect Challenge Cards. These cards can be found in various ways
including Fishing and Archeology. It is likely that there are a ton
of ways these cards can be discovered with more turning up as players
have more time to explore Patch 5.3. Once obtained, each of these
cards gives the player the opportunity to face off against twelve
newly added bosses. However, before players can gain access to these
bosses they must first complete a small quest line, which is started
by the Challenge Card. These cards are clearly marked with the words
“RETURN TO THE BRAWLER'S GUILD”, so be sure to keep your eyes

A Better View

Horde players trying to watch the
fantastic brutality taking place in the fighting ring often
complained of the poor view. No longer. In Patch 5.3 the floor of the
Horde ring has been raised and now observers will be able to witness
all the blood and gore they desire without anything impeding their

alt="Orgrimmar Brawler's Guild" />

Invite Your Friends!

Thus far, obtaining a pass into the
Brawler's Guild could only be done in a few select ways. As of Patch
5.3 players will have a brand new method to join the underground
fighting ring. Brawlers that fight their way to Rank 9 will be
rewarded with an invitation that can be traded or given to a friend.
Just another reason to wipe out boss after boss to reach those higher

That concludes the additions players
will find to the Brawler's Guild in Patch 5.3. Without a doubt these
additons have left us thirsting to know what other exciting things
will be added in future patches. What are your favorite additions to
the Brawler's Guild in this patch? What would you like to see in the
future? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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