Ten Ton Hammer had a chance at GenCon Indy 2008 to interview Warhammer Online's Bob Mull, Director of Community Management. Bob tells us about the European market's reaction to WAR and the class cuts. No one likes to lose a class they've been looking forward to, and Bob explains how the decision affected the team at Mythic as well.

Bob also told us about open beta, a preview weekend, and the "Realm War." What is Realm War and will it be ready for launch?

Mythic has a special preview weekend planned soon for folks who can’t fly to Leipzig GC this week or PAX next week to catch the game in person. The upcoming preview weekend is in effect the game’s first real stress test and a celebration of the end of closed beta; with Mythic’s goal to beat up the servers with you and 100k of your closest friends. When will it be?

That’s far from the only bit of excitement Mythic has planned for the month leading to WAR’s launch. The “Realm War” is here to stay.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016