Could the League of Tanks be disappearing? Don't count on it completely going away, but a shift in the meta could be felt, especially with the new Devourer. Solo queue is a different animal when compared to pro play, and there are some champions ready to tear it up here. There are some pretty clear-cut champions to ban, and some that may be flying under your radar. At lower elos, each of these champions is capable of being an extreme pain in the hands of all but the most inept players. It’s for this reason we’ve included them in our big bad Bronzodia champions to ban list of the week. Allow these champs to pass at your own risk! (Note: This guide is for Summoner's Rift only.)


Tier 1 - Priority Bans

Tier 1 champions are extremely strong in the current meta, and should generally either be banned or first-picked.


1) Shyvana - There was a time when the Half-Dragon was queen of the top lane, but now she's terrorizing people from the jungle. She's always had an extremely quick jungle clear, but her weakness was poor ganks. The new Sated Devourer helps a lot in that regard, as since she wasn't really expected to gank much pre-level 6 anyway, she can now happily stack up that Devourer enchant faster than virtually anyone else. Once Sated, her damage output is disgusting, even when building mostly tank items. Bottom line: This is one dragon you really don't want anywhere near you, or you might just find yourself wondering what happened to the HP bar you had at full a moment ago.

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2) Kayle - It has been a loooooong time since Kayle has been considered a strong pick, but she is back with a vengeance now. She synergizes extremely well with the new Devourer, AND was buffed this patch. Her E (Righteous Fury) now passively deals magic damage on all basic attacks, and had the AP ratio upped from .25 to .3. This was, apparently, intended to help her laning phase. Instead, it's helped her clear the jungle more effectively, get sated, and start absolutely destroying her enemies. On top of that, she's still got her ultimate to either help with the engage, or potentially shut down the damage from an enemy jungler if they went for Devourer as well. She's not going to single-handedly carry a game, but boy can she be scary if she's able to farm efficiently.

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3) Warwick - The good news: Warwick isn't as insanely powerful as he was in preseason 5. The bad news: He's still really strong now with Devourer (notice a recurring theme, here?) His ultimate may not insta-gib anymore, but you're still going to feel the hurt if the big bad wolf is able to get to you. This isn't a pick we're likely to see in professional play any time soon, but rest assured, it will be coming soon a solo queue game near you. Suppression is still a nightmare for any squishy champion, and his drain-tanking abilities are now magnified thanks to Devourer

Previously: Unlisted - Remember Devourer? Still very much a thing.


Tier 2 - Solid Bans

These champions might not be quite at "must-ban" status, but they're still solid choices to remove from play.


1) Xin Zhao - Build him AD. Build him tank. Heck, build him AP. Build whatever you want, as long as you're rushing Devourer. Xin Zhao's damage with Devourer is through the roof, and he can easily build tanky so that you can't easily take him down. Given his extreme reliance on auto-attacks, and an ultimate that can do more harm than good when used improperly, Xin falls down to tier 2 when compared to other junglers. Make no mistake though, if he jumps on you, you are most certainly in trouble.

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2) Sejuani - Another beneficiary of the new Devourer...wait, sorry, that's not right. Force of habit. Despite her play rate having dropped, it would be unwise to completely forget about the Winter's Wrath. While other champions are off farming their jungle for 20 minutes, Sejuani is perfectly capable of ganking a lane from level 3 on thanks to a lot of crowd control and mobility. Once she hits level 6, she has one of the highest-impact team fighting ultimates in the game. Given her slower first jungle clear, and vulnerability to being invaded early, she's not unstoppable. However, the moment you forget about how strong Sejuani can be, she'll be more than happy to lock down your entire team, finish off the ace, grab a Baron and a couple inhibitors before you can figure out what happened.

Previously: Tier 1, #2 - Devourer is shaking up the solo queue landscape, but Sejuani's combination of crowd control and tankiness is still capable of winning games, even from behind.


3) Sivir - As it turns out, this list isn't only about junglers! With that said, junglers are part of the reason Sivir is here. Before we get into that, let's just state that Sivir has been very strong in both pro play and solo queue for quite some time, and that's nothing new. Now, for the jungler tie-in: The one weakness of a lot of these Devourer junglers is that they need to get into melee range for auto-attacks. Sivir's On The Hunt is an amazing engage tool, and allows those melee champions to close in on their prey much more easily. Of course, she works will with just about any composition. Remember, it's a Sivir comp: you just group and win.

Previously: Unlisted - It's arguable that Sivir deserved to be on the list before now, but with the introduction of Devourer junglers that need that mobility boost, she couldn't be ignored any longer.


Tier 3 - Niche Bans

Tier 3 champions don't always need to be banned, and often times can go through un-picked as well. These are more "personal preference" bans, depending on what champion you want to play, and what you don't want to play against.


1) Cho'Gath - This is one champion that doesn't seem over-powered, but I've seen him cause teams a whole lot of headaches. On his own, Cho'Gath isn't likely to just 1v5 the enemy team. However, the reduced cooldown on his ultimate when used on minions means he can get beefier faster, and he still offers solid CC with a knock up/slow and long-lasting AoE silence. Combine that with respectable damage and that he only gets tankier as the game goes on, and you have a constant threat that teams NEED to deal with. His innate sustain means he's almost impossible to push out of lane, all but guaranteeing he'll get his necessary items in a timely manner unless camped by your jungler. He may not be an assassin, but a fed Cho with Feast available can still 100-0 your carries in a second if left unchecked.

Previously: Tier 3, #1 - Not much has changed for Cho. He's not a super-hard carry, but at the same time can be a massive force in the right hands. There's nothing wrong with leaving him up, but just be prepared to deal with him if the enemy team picks him up.


2) Janna - Janna is undoubtedly one of the strongest supports at the moment, and it generally isn't wrong to ban her if you don't plan on picking her early. She actually takes on a whole new level of importance on this patch, as the queen of disengage may never have been more needed than she is right now. With all of these carry threats running at your team from every direction, Janna's ability to blow them all away is extremely valuable. If you plan on playing a hard engage composition, or even if you're just looking to first-pick a Devourer jungler, banning the Storm's Fury is likely a smart move.

Previously: Unlisted - Much like Sivir, Janna could have been here before. Again, like Sivir, her strengths are only magnified as we're seeing players try to play damage-dealing carries in virtually every role.


3) Tahm Kench - The newest champion to hit the Rift, it's tough to know exactly what to make of the River King early on. His solo queue statistics don't look amazing right now, but with so many different things you can do with his kit, it's likely we'll see an uptick in those numbers as players have more time to get used to him. As with any new champion, you can either run into the opposing player who makes Tahm look like the most broken champion in the game, or you might have a teammate pick him up for the first time and have no idea how to be of any help at all. Tahm is definitely not a must-ban, but it's not unreasonable to deny him from both teams, just in case.

Previously: Unlisted - Just being released in this patch has a way of not landing the champion on previous lists.


That'll do it for this week's edition of Bronzodia. Please note that this is not intended to be a comprehensive tier list, but rather a completely subjective guide. Hopefully you enjoyed, and good luck on the Rift!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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