The Angry Ranger

By Darkgolem

The angry ranger is a multi-class Barbarian 4/Ranger 6 who specializes
in bow damage.

Starting Abilities

Str 16

Dex 18

Con 14

Int 8

Wis 12

Cha 6

Race: Dwarf

Hit Points: 148


Fort: 11 

Ref: 10

Will: 5 (+2 vs poison and enchantment spells) (bonuses already applied)

Class/Race Features:

Bow Strength (Strength bonus for damage is applied to bow damage)

Wild Empathy (Can cast mesmerize on animals, dc 12 will)

Damage reduction / 1

Favored Enemy (Goblinoids) +4 damage/skill checks

Favored Enemy (Giants) +2 damage/skill checks

+4 dodge bonus vs giants

+1 to hit vs orcs and goblinoids

+2 saves vs enchantment spells

+2 saves vs poison

+4 balance checks

+4 search checks

Uncanny Dodge (retain dex bonus when flanked, flatfooted or attacked by

Trap Sense +1 (+1 ac vs trap attacks, +1 reflex saves vs trap saves)

Rage twice a day for 7 rounds (+4 stregnth and con, +2 will saves, -4
armor class)


Rapid Shot, Two Handed Fighting, Precise Shot, Many Shot, Improved Two
Weapon Fighting

Skills: (armor penalties
already applied)

Tumble: 6.5, Move Silently: 11, Hide: 9, Spot: 10, Jump: 12


BAB 10/5 Armor Class 18 , 22 v/giants, 19 v/traps (chain shirt + dex)

Damage (with bow) +3 damage, +5 when raged, +2 additional against
giants, +12 total against goblinoids. To hit (with bow): +3 with bow,
+4 against Goblinoids

Damage with two handed sword, +5 damage base, +6 when raged, +
giant/goblinoid bonuses.

To hit with two handed sword +3, +5 when raged.

Notes: Level changes occur
after a save has gone up.  BAB stacks. Ability scores are
complementary to both classes.  Option to put stat bonuses into
strength instead of dexterity, allowing improved two handed
fighting.  Possibly additional feat available, because (I have not
had a chance to confirm) rapid shot is granted feat for ranger at level

Editor's Note: This build is
based off the wealth of existing information from the pen-and-paper
Dungeons & Dragons, as well as some known information from DDO. We
offer it as an example, with the understanding that some of the
information found here may not apply to DDO at release.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016