Nothing is more iconic than Star Trek space going vessels. In Star Trek Online players will gain access to many of the ships we've grown to know and love from the movies and television shows. From the Enterprise, Discovery and Defiant to the deadly Bird of Prey, players will get to fly them all. This week we discuss the types of ships, upgrades and progression available for ship captains throughout their careers with Cryptic Studios Al Rivera:

Ten Ton Hammer: We talked a little bit about cloaking last time, how exactly will cloaking work? How often can cloaking be done, and how can a Federation ship spot a cloaked ship?

Al: Sure, I can tell you a lot more about that. There are two types of cloaking in the game that the Klingon forces have access to, the standard cloak and battle cloak. All Klingon ships have the standard cloak which can't be used in combat. This is typically used when people are sitting in hiding when there are a few decoys nearby. Players will attack the decoy and the larger ships will uncloak and be right on top of them. The Bird of Prey ships for the Klingons also have a battle cloak which can be used in combat. This way they can duck in and out of combat by cloaking. The effective way to deal with cloaking is...

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016