Come one, come all to the second installment of Casually Casual. Up for
your viewing pleasure Mem addresses some comments regarding his last
article ( href=""
target="_blank">Casually Casual Episode I),
and then will continue on to the main event; the current dismal state
of questing in World of Warcraft. Find out why questing makes Mem want
to /headdesk in real life, and what he suggests needs to be done to fix
the problem.

The first time I read
this I did a very distinctly Scooby-Doo confused
sound, complete with head tilt. The difference between these two play
styles is very distinct and real to me. Hardcore players to me are
those players who spend every moment possible pushing to be the best of
the best at some aspect of the game. Casual players in my view are
those who play when they can, and get what they can accomplished in
that time, if they fall short of a goal no sleep will be lost because
the game is just that, a game, and one that will be enjoyed at their

Read all about it in Casually Casual WoW 2: href=""
target="_blank">Uninspired Questing.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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