Have you been having a hard time finding your footing in EVE Online? Despite improvements to the newbie experience, some players still have a difficult time with getting up to speed and into the battle, but CCP is tossing aspiring pirates a lifeline in their newest boxed product for EVE Online. The Commissioned Officer Edition will include an exclusive in-game feature, the Cerebral Accelerator, which will allow new players to enjoy a temporary boost to skill development. The feature will only be available in the Commissioned Officer Edition and will be applied to the first character created on the new account. But don't get too used to it because the enhancement only lasts for the first 30 days of game time, which players can also get for free with the box code.

This latest boxed edition will include an exclusive in-game item, the Cerebral Accelerator, which is a military-grade implant that significantly increases a new pilot’s skill development. While they are a very strong boost to nearly all abilities, these bonuses are temporary and are only effective for the first 30 days of a pilot’s life as they get up to speed in the universe.

The Commissioned Officer Edition will be available in North America on October 19th, 2010 with a European release to follow. Check out the official press release for more details.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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