Update on CGM Beta Invites

Sigil CEO Brad McQuaid has posted some new information about the Computer Games Magazine (CGM) invites. Unfortunately, because of some server and optimization issues, new people will not be getting invites until Monday.

I have been checking with our IT/Servers Manager on the server and so far he feels we should wait until next Monday to send out any more hoping that we will test the stability this weekend. We had some issues Wednesday night and yesterday with connectivity and the social servers.

Hopefully all of the CGM people will get their invites next week. It is painful to be so close and not in. I must have checked my mailbox at least 50 times each day this week. But there is still reason to be happy. Most likely by the end of next week all of us CGM people will be in beta. That is certainly something to be excited about. Best of luck to everyone in getting an invite and I hope to see you all in beta soon!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016