The Combat Master

Champions Online will be a superhero-oriented game
with a new
twist on the old combat system by eliminating the
"hit-a-button-and-wait" mentality that still rests with many older
MMOGs. To learn more about Cryptic Studios will achieve that plan, Ten
Ton Hammer is proud to present a Cryptic-organized Q&A with
Tuffli, Combat Systems Designer for Champions Online:

Q: You have said you're big into PvP. What
kind of characters
do you like to play in PvP? Any favorite tactics?

Proven builds and specs bore me. I tend to gravitate toward the builds
and specs that other people insist can't work in PvP, and then find a
way to make them work. I played PvP Masterminds in City of

until my fingers bled, a Melee Priest in Shadowbane,
a Survival
Hunter in World of Warcraft, and innumerable other
builds in every game I have tried.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016