Ten Ton Hammer caught up with Executive Producer Shannon Posniewski on the eve of the launch of Champions Online: Free for All – the free-to-play revamp of the Cryptic’s crimefighting MMOG. Shannon delivers new details about archetypes, downgrading characters from (or upgrading characters to) premium status, and reveals the name and a few details about the next adventure pack! It’s all in our latest CO interview: Champions Online: Free for All Launch Day Q&A with Shannon Posniewski.

We have some things that other games don’t really do, such as wholesale unlocks for all of your characters. So, when you buy a costume that all of your characters can equip, how much should that cost? Or if you buy something that any character can use forever, like a device that turns you into a werewolf, how much should that cost. We looked at our games and their games and tried to come up with a price that was better than competitive.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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