The folks at Cryptic Studios have had a busy week, what with announcing a new top-tier MMORPG and covering two significant fan events. And none have been busier than Director of Creative Development Jack Emmert, who delivered the STO announcement with none other than Leonard Nimoy, then changed hats to come spread the good word about Champions Online at Gen Con. We caught up with the super hero games guru to learn what we could about the new mechanic revealed in Champions Online, "pick up and throw", and also gather a few juicy clues about the next big thing on the development horizon.

[Jack Emmert on Champions Online's development status] It's in full production, chugging along. Content complete is within sight - that isn't saying when, that's saying 'within sight.' The great thing is, Champions works. I can play from home today. We work long and hard at Cryptic to lay the foundation that we can build games on, so we've got a ship date of next year and we're going to hit it because the game works today. Now it's a matter of adding flashy elements that make the game even better, like pick up and throw.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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