Atari and Cryptic have announced the preorder details for their upcoming superhero-based MMORPG, Champions Online. There will be specific exclusive promotions for each retailer, so depending on where you get your game will decide what sort of promotion offer you get. Some of the options include: Early access, flight travel powers, zone maps, Cryptic Points, and much more. A full list of which retailer has what can be viewed below.

Atari and Cryptic are proud to announce the official Preorder promotions from retailers across the United States. In addition to specific exclusive promotions for each retailer, all preorders (from any retailer) will receive guaranteed access to the Champions Online open beta, beginning August 17th. All purchases also include 30-days of free play and five Cryptic Points to be spent in-game.


GameStop is offering access to the Early Start Program, giving customers who preorder a few days headstart in the game before its official launch on September 1st! In addition, all preorders include the exclusive Insectoid Airfoil costume piece and the Experimental Anti-Graviton Generator flight travel power at character creation.


Wal-Mart offers a Limited Edition Package with collectible lenticular cover, which also includes a zone map, iron-on decal, and ten additional Cryptic Points.

Best Buy

Best Buy offers access to the Early Start Program, along with an exclusive action figure in-game and a damage resistance item.


Amazon preorders receive five additional Cryptic Points, and three exclusive costume pieces: Harlequin Headpiece, Black Knight Helmet, and Grenade Chest Strap.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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