You asked your Champions Online questions, and we
got you your Champions Online
answers straight from the mouth of Bill Roper! It’s been
awhile since
we ran our last VIP interview, so we thought it’d be good to
start back
up with some question on the upcoming super hero MMO. You definitely
had some tough questions, but Bill was game enough to answer them all.
We cover everything from new player experiences to player housing to
PvP content.

Ton Hammer: Can you change your alignment? (cause sometimes heroes have
midlife crisis too) At launch can we expect more than just
Good/Bad/Neutral alignments? (ZeroMerc)

Roper: There isn’t really such a thing as
“alignment” in
Champions Online. There isn’t that sort of component in the
game, so
players can really be anything that they want to be. That said players
are creating heroes and heroic characters, and that was one of the
biggest pieces of feedback we’ve been receiving from beta
testers, that
players wanted to feel more heroic. Like they were doing something that
was important. And that’s what we’re striving to
give them.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016