If you're itching for more of Champions Online? Well, Cryptic is giving it to you. The stress testing period for the game was reopened today for a limited time, so jump on in and have some fun with your characters one last time before they disappear in that great gaping abyss we call an open beta launch wipe.

Our Early Start Program and official launch are just around the corner, but why suffer through hours of anticipation without the nurturing warmth of Champions Online to keep you company? Why not jump in right now and play for a spell?

That’s right, folks! We’re standing the Champions Online live environment up for a few hours. Go ahead and enjoy some quality time with your characters from Open Beta one more time.

We’re 100% dedicated to ensuring a smooth launch and if that means running the server for a last minute stress test... Well, its win-win all around! We get the data and extra testing we need and you all get to smash villainous heads for just a bit longer.

Run your Champions Online launcher and jump in when you get a chance. We’d love to see you one last time before the real party starts.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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