Composed of the northern tribes of the world; the forces of Chaos are servants of four differing evil gods.  In WAR, the forces of Chaos are predominantly allied to the god of Tzeentch; Changer of Ways and god of magic.  Long time enemies of the Empire and the forces of Order, Chaos is a tide of well trained and empowered warriors waiting to sweep down from the north and crush all opposition!

Official Information

Official Information from EA Mythic

In the icy wastes north of Kislev dwell nomadic tribes of barbarians known throughout the Empire as the Northmen. Sometimes a powerful leader will arise among these savage humans, uniting the tribes into a great warhost that marches south toward Kislev and the Empire. At such times as this, the Northmen seek only bloodshed and conquest, for they are willing servants of the inscrutable Chaos gods.

The gods of Chaos are much more active in the lives of their worshippers than are the gods of other cultures. They reward their followers immediately when they are pleased, but are no less swift when demonstrating their displeasure with a devotee. A Chaos god can often show his favor by way of "marking" an individual with his symbol. This symbol bestows powers commensurate with the sphere of influence that the god controls. Further gifts and mutations are often bestowed if the god continues to be pleased with the works of his subject.

The most powerful and favored warriors among these human worshippers of Chaos are called Champions, and are exceptionally powerful in battle. Among them, strength is authority, and so these Champions are also the leaders among their people. Such creatures are so potent and so mutated they can scarcely be called human any longer. They tend to wield massive weapons that a normal man would struggle to lift, and are clad in Chaos Armor that is bound to their skin. These Champions of Chaos are among the most powerful and terrifying adversaries in all the world.

The Northmen that accompany their Champions into battle are called Marauders and often fight beside inhuman creatures such as the fearsome Beastmen. Sometimes they will even share the battlefield with creatures borne of pure Chaos energy: Daemons.

The Age of Reckoning is ushered in as a Warhost of the god Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways, marches on the Empire. Leading this terrifying army of evil is a powerful Champion named Tchar'zanek.

Current Information

Led by a Champion named Tchar’zanek, the forces of Chaos begin their long march south into the lands of the Empire.  Intent on completing their eternal goal of turning all lands into the hellish ‘Realms of Chaos’, the forces of the far North attack without mercy powered by their dark gods.

The Chaos god Tzeentch has found himself a new Champion. The followers of the Changer of Ways have assembled a great warhost for his herald and are preparing to launch a massive incursion into the lands of men, the Empire his likely target.

-Age of Reckoning


Chaos Magus

Even the two images we’ve seen about the Magus explain a lot.  They are the obvious caster choice for the Chaos army.  Garbed in the traditional armor of Tzeentch casters (as per Warhammer Fantasy), the Magus seems to be much like the casters of the game itself as they look like they will be able to hold their own in close combat as well as casting.

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Chaos Chosen

Aside from the two images we’ve seen thus far about the Chosen there isn’t a lot of information about this new class yet.  It is obvious that this class will be a melee fighting class just based on the use of armor and weaponry, but to what extent it unknown.

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Chaos Zealot

Acting as a ‘jack of all trades’ class for Chaos, the Zealot has pets, heals, and is good in close range combat.  If you’re a fan of dark and scary, the Zealot is for you!

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Chaos Marauder

As a Marauder, your only goal is to unleash the pure, destructive might of Change into the world. Feel the power of Chaos course through your body, changing you from a fearsome warrior into something much, much more horrible – and deadly.

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The starting zone for the Chaos Warhosts should be a sweet and easy zone to start in right?  Wrong.  Norsca is where the forces of the Chaos Lord Tchar’zanek begin their march towards the Empire and it is here that their challenges start. 

Tier 1


Troll Country

Troll Country is the name commonly given to the cold and desolate territory that lies to the north of Kislev, and to the south of the Chaos Wastes.

Tier 2

High Pass

Northernmost of the passes that cross the Worlds Edge Mountains, High Pass might well be the most treacherous.

Tier 3

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