Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Career Mastery Paths

Chaos Zealot

Official information from EA Mythic

One of the major parts of any MMOG is that the gameplay has to fit your playstyle. If it doesn't then you can bet that you won't be playing that game for long. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is no exception, regardless of how good it might be. When a game doesn't make sense to you with how it plays or it has that "same 'ol same 'ol" feel to it, it can be boring, frustrating, confusing, (insert appropriate adjective here). One way game designers overcome that feeling in a game is to allow you, the player, to take some modicum of control over your character and choose how he/she will specialize for your playstyle in whatever game you're playing. If you want to do more damage, you can specialize in skills that will add to your DPS. If you like being able to take the pain, then skills that stress damage mitigation are key. If you're a healer, then you obvioulsy want to boost your healing ability (unless you're like I am,then you go for more damage and toss your friends to the wind!). And the list goes on and on.

Back in December, EA Mythic announced that they were adding a Career Mastery tree to each class in Warhammer Online so that each player could customize his/her character's playstyle. It's a similar idea to the Talents trees in WoW or the AA lines in Everquest 2.

While they've released no details on the actual abilities in each path yet, this month EA Mythic continues with the release of information on the Paths of Mastery by introducing us to one of the fanatically devoted of the Raven God, the aptly named Zealot.

Zealot Career Masteries

...shouting fit to WAKE THE DEAD!

The Zealot is a fanatical orator, intent on spreading the glory of the Raven God throughout the land and serving the will of the Great Changer. Draped with ritual vestments and tools of sacrifice, the Zealot can imbue various talismans and potions with the primordial power of Chaos. These items become potent magical conduits through which he can mend wounds, enhance his allies, and plague his enemies with unholy scourges.

Zealot Mechanic

Zealots are some of the few mortals who can call forth a Mark of Tzeentch upon living flesh, branding their allies as sanctified soldiers of the Changer of Ways. These marks will not only bolster their holders' powers far beyond normal human limitations, but also serve as direct conduits to the powers of Tzeentch himself, allowing their bearers to gain entirely new abilities. A Zealot can also desecrate a patch of land with Dark Rituals & Rites, marking that spot as claimed by Tzeentch and crippling any nonbelievers who dare to tread upon it.

Zealot Masteries

Path of Alchemy

The Path of Alchemy is the Zealot's primary healing mastery. A specialist in Alchemy will become a mighty healer, capable of mending the most grievous wounds and ensuring that Tzeentch's armies live to see their enemies

Welcome to my nightmare...

fall before them. While a player who selects this mastery may not necessarily gain the most powerful offensive capabilities, they will have absolutely no problems finding allies to protect them and do their bidding.

Path of Ritual

The Path of Rituals is focused on warping the entire balance of power across a battlefield, skewing the fight to bring about the inevitable triumph of Tzeentch's followers. They are just as proficient at enhancing their allies as they are at stunting their enemies - and, in fact, can do both at the same time.

Path of Witchcraft

The Path of Witchcraft is for a Zealot who chooses to make himself into a talon of Tzeentch, reaching out to slaughter his enemies through magical attacks. These manifest themselves as deadly portents of chaos. Flocks of shrieking ravens may fall upon a Zealot’s foe to consume their flesh, or strange demonic manifestations may appear out of thin air to lash at his foes.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016