With the Chromie rework now going live on US servers, here's my (quick) thoughts on her rework and what it means for the most annoying ranged Assassin in the game.

Base Quest Changes - The biggest change to Chromie is that she no longer gains damage when hitting enemy heroes with Sand Blast. It instead only gives the echo which casts Sand Blast from your previous position dealing 40% damage. The requirement to unlock this has been reduced to 50 hits from 60.

Sandblast (Q) - To compensate for the reduced damage, She instead has a higher scaling on Q, a shorter cast time and 2 less range (15 down from 17).

Dragon's Breath (W) - Her W now has a shorter cooldown, less damage, and 2 less range (15 down from 17). The area which it will land is now visible to enemy 0.5 seconds after it is cast, making it necessary to use it on CC'd targets.

Bronze Talons Becomes Baseline - Bronze Talons is not baseline but now only gives 100% increased damage on the next auto after an enemy hero is hit with a basic ability.

Talent Adjustments (TL:DR) - There are quite a few changes, however, most don't impact her in a large way.

Overall - She does less damage but more reliably and more often, making her more of a long ranged poke mage, rather than burst. She still excells at maps where enemies are forced to fight in an area but is a little less frusrating to play against, requiring her team to set up kills.

For Blizzard's patch notes, look here. For Chromie's Build Guide, look here.

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Last Updated: Aug 07, 2018

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