It's not even Halloween yet, but you can start creating costumes now.

City of Heroes has announced a costume creation contest in conjunction with AMD and Palit. The goal is to create a unique and interesting back story to go along with the actual costume. Here are some of the particulars:

Over the next two weeks players can submit screenshots and bio of their character and be entered into the Palit/AMD City of Heroes “Create a Character” Costume Contest to win great prizes! This is a skill based contest based on the creative use of the City of Heroes Costume Creator to design a hero or villain outfit along with the backstory of that character. Entries will be judged primarily on the quality, cohesiveness and creativity of the character’s costume. Secondary considerations will be (in order): the character’s biography, the quality of the submitted screenshots and the appropriateness of the character screenshot’s background.

Everyone can submit up to five entries so they are giving plenty of opportunities to those feeling more prolific. In an interesting twist, the development team will be visiting each of the servers between October 1st, and 11th. If you are logged in, you will have the opportunity to visit with ATI and the CoH community team. The rules and judging parameters are longer than I want to list here, so head over to the official City of Heroes Contest Page.

City of Heroes is also adding more information to their website about the upcoming Hero-Con event as well. Make sure you check out all of the added bonuses for attending as well as the special activites at the event at Hero-Con.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016