NCsoft has announced its latest update "Issue 16: Power Spectrum" for its superhero-based MMORPG City of Heroes. The new update will bring some tweaks to the popular character creation system, allowing players to switch between Archetype, Powersets, Costumes and Character ID in any order without losing progress. Some of the other features for Issue 16 include, Powerset Proliferation, enhanced difficulty options, customizable powers, and more to be announced later.

Powerset Proliferation - More powersets are now in the hands of Archetypes who couldn't use them previously! Blasters will have access to Radiation Blast, Brutes will get their Claws on, Controllers can now freeze it up with Cold Domination, and Corruptors get to feel the "twang" of Archery and Trick Arrow. Defenders can go high-tech with Assault Rifle and Traps, and Dominators can pulverize their enemies with Earth Assault. Masterminds heat things up with Thermal Radiation, Scrappers and Tankers get ready to fry their foes with Electric Melee and Electric Armor, and finally Stalkers get to swing their own mighty Broadsword.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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