With Champions Online coming out soon, some may think that City of Heroes is a forgotten original, deemed outdated by new games. You won't be seeing CoH laid to rest anytime soon though, and as CoH Senior Lead Designer Matt Miller and Lead Designer Bruce Harlick tell Gamesource, they welcome the competition!

GS: Going Rogue will be a paid expansion. With Champions Online around the corner, why the old subscribers should return to CoH spending money instead to play the “new contents” of the Cryptic title? What will be the impact of GR to the gameplay, community, perception of the game, in your thought ?

BH: Going Rogue is going to add a very interesting morality component to the game play that should keep our players engaged in their characters’ stories. While we will have some competition out there, I think our current players are going to be very happy with what we’re going to give them in the boxed expansion. And we’ll have a good shot at gaining new players as well.

MM: We hope our subscribers never leave! I know they are going to want to check out the “new shiney” but City of Heroes will be adding tons of new content in the coming months with Issue 16 and the Going Rogue expansion. Even if players do go check out the competition, I know they will still enjoy the features we are adding to CoH with every update.

You can read the full interview over at Gamesource.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016