Combat as a numbers game...

It seems that the development team behind NCsoft's City of Heroes/City of Villains franchise has been hard at work over the last few months. While several of them have been busy implementing a new XP curve for smoother progression, others - like programmer CW Bennett - have been hastily introducing new tools into the U.I. that help display the numbers behind the game's combat system. Recently the CW took some time to answer a few questions regarding these "Real Numbers" and the Ten Ton Hammer staff has gladly posted his answers for everyone to view!

CW: Well, we basically integrated some "tools" into the in-game U.I. which display the numbers behind the game's combats systems. The Combat Attributes Window lists all the important attributes of the player and shows their current value. It also shows the source and contribution of buffs. The Combat Monitor Window is a lightweight window that can unobtrusively be left up all the time (unlike the Combat Attributes Window), so you can watch selected buffs change during combat. Additionally, more information can be found through buff icons that show their actual effects on the player, and in the combat log where hit rolls have been added.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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