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Savanja: Thanks so much for sharing your guild with our
community.  It's always so great to hear what's going on in other little corners
of Hyboria.  Please start out by telling us a little bit about Know Thyself.

Gorbin: Well, first, thank you for giving us the
opportunity to promote our guild on one of the gaming world's most popular
websites.  Its quite an honor and I'm pleased to be here to talk about Know
Thyself.  We're a guild on the Cimmeria server (RP-PVP) that focuses on endgame
content.  We cater more towards PvE than PvP, but we definitely have a mix of
both.  We also have RP events, and several events, all scheduled so that before
you're even logged into Conan, you can see what's planned for the night.

Savanja: How would you classify yourselves as a clan?

Zarex: We are a honorable hard working group of people who have achieved

Gorbin: As Zarex said, we have worked and labored, but we've definitely
seen the fruits of our labor as well.  KT is a hardcore raiding guild that has
tried to create a place for players that want to excel, and be the best possible
in Conan, but without the elitism and attitude that many other guilds have. 
Everyone in KT is a friend, not a guildee you have to horde DKP from and wait
for a back stab.  Casual, but with strict ethics.  At the end of the day, its a
game, and we just want to have fun.

Savanja: Along that same line, could you share a bit on
how the Clan is run?  What's the leadership like, and how do you guys delegate
authority?  Basically, how is your guild leadership hierarchy formatted?

Gorbin: Well, I'm King Tut and all pay tribute to me! *chuckles*  No, in
all seriousness, I do carry the title of Guild Master, but its the members that
truly run the guild.  They make the events, and fill up the raids, I simply am
the one that says "Let's goto Vistrix!" 

We have 4 basic ranks in guild.  Myself (GM), Officer, Member, and Trials.  To
make it short, trials are new recruits to the guild.  Members are hardened
raiders that have passed out strict recruitment policies, and can do any endgame
event, whether it be a 6 man instance, or a 48 man siege.  Our officers are in
charge of making sure the guild is unified, and everything gets taken care of,
and helps alleviate some of the chores of guild leadership.

Savanja: How many active members do you currently have?

Gorbin: Due to our myriad events, and our commitment to friendship within
guild, we tend to have more active members than many similar sized guilds such
as ours.  When Warhammer came out and guilds broke apart due to having their
numbers decimated, we lost only a single member.  I believe this is because we
not only play in game together, but we have people that simply hangout in Vent,
and socialize.  Its more than simply a gaming experience for some.  As a result,
friendships flourish and many members form a bond that is only found in "RL

Savanja: Many guilds often hold events and other
activities for their members. Is this something Know Thyself engages in?

Gorbin: Know Thyself schedules everything we do.  From epic PvE 24 man
Raids, to 48 man Battlekeep Sieging, to role-play Tavern events that attracts
several guilds together, we have a little bit of something for everyone.  A
simple jousting competition where we'll be in our Tier 3 guild city, 2 members
will run past each other, and after a pass on horseback, the one left on horse
wins.  Its simple, but very fun. (Armored horses are definitely a plus!)

Savanja: Okay, here comes a curveball… if there was one
thing as a guild you'd change or add to Age of Conan what would it be?  What do
you think the game needs most?

Gorbin: The game has gotten much better since release.  The bugs that
once infested AoC are nearing their end, and the PvP Patch attracted massive
amounts of ex-AoCers to come back.  Playing on Cimmeria, we do not have many of
the population problems that other servers complain of.  However, the game is
far from flawless.  What I would like to see more than anything else is a limit
on maximum guild size.  Currently there is no cap, and it allows for 500+ man
guilds that are able to bring a server to its knees, not due to skill or
perseverance, but simply due to zerg tactics.  The most demanding event on AoC
body-wise is a Battlekeep Siege, which allows for up to 48 people to
participate.  A maximum guild size of 100 is far more than sufficient to allow
48 people to come, provided the guild prunes inactives on a regular basis. 
However, Funcom would need to change the way guild numbers are calculated. 
Instead of a count by character, they need a count by account.  Up to 100 unique
accounts may be in a guild at any given time.  This would encourage people to
guild their alts without worrying about the maximum guild size cap.

Savanja:  What are some of the features in Age of Conan
that you, as a clan, enjoy the most?

Ceraetes: As we are mostly a high level guild I think what attracts us
the most are the End Game Raid and PvP. I know that a lot of us always group
with each other to go do some PvP in Kesh and do MiniGames.


Gorbin: I'm a raider at heart, honed by 6 years of being in one of the
top WoW guilds, so that's definitely my personal favorite.  But I must admit, it
is very satisfying to go an entire PvP-minigame match and not lose a person.
(Not to mention my personal flawless wins CTF record)

Savanja: Has your guild made any accomplishments you
would like to share with our community?

Ceraetes: We are currently one of the 8 guilds that own a Battlekeep and
it's fully Tier 3 (1 of 3). We helped another guild to get one and have helped
others to defend 4 times now. For our guild city we are currently one of the
most progressed cities on the server and are aiming to be the first on server
with a completed city.

Gorbin: Cere pretty much nailed it.  We're becoming one of the longest
lasting guilds on our chaotic, power-shifting server, and we're the only guild
on server that does all of our PvE raids in-house.  No stealing tanks/healers
from other guilds, no pugging.  All KT across the board.

Savanja: What kind of player would enjoy being a part of
your clan?

Gorbin: Any player that yearns for endgame events, being part of an
active, honorable, structured guild. 

Savanja:  If you guys are recruiting for new members, can
you tell us what exactly it takes to become one of Know Thyself? What is
required of a prospective member?

Gorbin: Commitment to the guild, yourself, and the members around you
first and foremost. Someone that wants to have fun, but not at others' expense. 
Also smaller guilds that cannot do endgame content that would like to have a
chance to participate in some of the finest content in AoC.

Savanja: Alright, that concludes the interview.  Thanks
so much guys for taking the time to answer these questions and letting the
community know everything they could want to know about Know Thyself.  It's been
a pleasure.

Gorbin: Thank you so much Savanja for this opportunity, as well as the
whole of Ten Ton Hammer for having us.   We're glad we can get our face out
there in the public eye, and I must say I've enjoyed this.  We look forward to
hearing from a couple new members, and possibly a follow up to this interview
once Know Thyself is arguably one of the top 10 guilds worldwide.  Its only a
matter of time now.  Thank you.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016